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Nova TV introduced HbbTV in Croatia

Nova TV is the first television in Croatia to launch a hybrid television service that is completely free and unrestricted for all users who receive a DVB-T signal and have a television that supports the HbbTV standard. The service provides news, information, weather forecasts, and allows you to view news and news from the Nove TV archive.

HbbTV has been tested on the Philips 55POS9002 OLED TV , where the service mentioned is automatically active. As soon as we select New TV, the red circle appears on the right side of the screen and the text “Press for additional content” next to it. This is an additional layer in the picture, which is not visible to users whose TV set does not support HbbTV service if the TV set is not connected to the Internet or turned off.

You can find the red button on the remote control and use the green key to navigate the navigation. Pressing the red button displays the tape in the lower part of the screen with several categories:

  1. Guide (TV program for New TV and Home TV)
  2. Archive (contains shows, series and news of Nove TV)
  3. Games (two simple games that you can play via the remote control – Bricks and Save The Fish)
  4. About HbbTV (an explanation of what HbbTV service is and what options it offers)
  5. News (view news from various categories)
  6. Information (display the short story strip that appears in the bottom part of the screen while watching the program) i
  7. Weather (weather forecast)

The bar also contains information on what day, date and time is today, and it is nice that all the information is localized in Croatian.

The short news strip can now be available, not just when Dnevnik Nove TV is available

All content, including menus, are displayed in standard resolution so they are not ideal for sharpness, and during the archive we noticed that image and sound are not ideally synchronized. We assume this is a tiny gap that will soon be resolved. We would also like to have the menus that appear together with the content (eg the info strip) are completely semi-transparent so they can be used undoubtedly by OLED TV owners, especially in the first 100 hours of work.

For anyone who does not want to use the service, you can turn it off using the setup menu on the TV. In the case of a specific Philips TV, you can find HbbTV options at this location:

Settings> General Settings> Advanced> HbbTV Settings> HbbTV (On / Off).

In options, you can also disable HbbTV tracking and HbbTV cookies if you do not want to share information with the service provider. The good news is that even with all options, all aspects of the service normally work, at least at this time. More information on security aspects can be found on this blog .

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